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What I learned from treating ascites aka. water belly, swollen belly in my chicken

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Inspect your chickens at least twice a week.  My girls appear to be very healthy, take themselves for walks around the yard, and no longer venture across the street to the neighbors.  So I was feeding them and keeping their roost clean, but only occasionally picking them


Author: erstesmal1 BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS # 43 – Eggs & Eggs>
>Chicken eggs and fish eggs – what an incredible combo. Super tasty, beautiful to look at, quick and easy to prepare.
Have a wonderful day ! With this dish, you’ll have a great start 🙂
>Bon Appetit !  

Save Money and Keep Chickens!

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Keeping chickens is a good introduction to any urban homestead. Having them around only seems to complete a natural cycle, as they till and fertilize your soil, as well as eat your kitchen scraps, and give you delicious deep-orange yolked eggs…For little-no cost! Keeping chickens averages $10

Chickens’ Behaviors

Chickens’ Behaviors

The groups that chickens live in are called flocks Chickens are very social birds. But they are often aggressive toward each other. They have a “pecking order” which is the order of the weakest...

Chicken Appearance

Chicken Appearance

Chickens come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, but they have the same basic body structure. First off, they all have a comb on top of their head and a wattle underneath their beak....