Chicken Appearance

Chickens come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, but they have the same basic body structure.

First off, they all have a comb on top of their head and a wattle underneath their beak. Roosters usually have larger combs and wattles. All chickens also have two legs and two wings. They are all covered with feathers with a tail sticking up at an angle to the body sometimes with feathers that drop all the way to the ground.

Similar to people, chickens come in many different colors. Some chickens are mostly neutral colors while some have unique color combinations, speckles, or stripes. Besides just white, black, and brown, chickens also come in gold, silver, red, blue, and green. Chickens usually have a rather small head, with a strong, pointy beak. They have plumb bodies and their breast is keel-shaped like a boat.

Their legs are covered with scales. Some breeds have poofy feathers growing from beneath them, covering their legs. They have nice, sharp claws that help them walk and grip things. Chickens are better at walking than flying but can flutter up to a perch.

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