Save Money and Keep Chickens!


Keeping chickens is a good introduction to any urban homestead. Having them around only seems to complete a natural cycle, as they till and fertilize your soil, as well as eat your kitchen scraps, and give you delicious deep-orange yolked eggs…For little-no cost! Keeping chickens averages $10 grain feed costs for 10 Hens/per month, and even less money for less hen’s, but, I always give them kitchen scraps which really stretches out the grains that I have to buy for them.

You can build a basic chicken coop out of recycled house materials which requires no previous carpentry skills what-so-ever, and that will run you around $50..If you scrounge the dumpsters or flea markets for the best materials possible.


If you raise chickens that are free to graze on grass & weeds, scratch for insects, enjoy sun baths, and roost in comfort, than you can guarantee to taste what eggs are supposed to taste like, and eat fresh, nutritious eggs almost everyday. That way, you and your family will benefit, and the chickens will benefit as well.


Your local farm/garden supply store should be able to help you find a source to buy your egg-laying hen’s from, but its good to know what kind of eggs you want first, before you get the chickens. An easy way to know what color egg a hen will lay is by checking the color of their ears…red=brown eggs, white= white eggs. Personally, I prefer the Rhode Island Red’s for my brown eggs and the Leghorn for my white eggs.

Happy Chicken Keeping Ya’ll!

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