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The Day the Chickens went on Strike!

Author: groundtoground The Day the Chickens went on Strike! Chickens are great. You give them food scraps and a warm place to sleep and they return you eggs and fertilizer. It’s a pretty sweet deal....


Author: erstesmal1 BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS # 43 – Eggs & Eggs>
>Chicken eggs and fish eggs – what an incredible combo. Super tasty, beautiful to look at, quick and easy to prepare.
Have a wonderful day ! With this dish, you’ll have a great start 🙂
>Bon Appetit !  

Save Money and Keep Chickens!

Author: hiddeninnature
Keeping chickens is a good introduction to any urban homestead. Having them around only seems to complete a natural cycle, as they till and fertilize your soil, as well as eat your kitchen scraps, and give you delicious deep-orange yolked eggs…For little-no cost! Keeping chickens averages $10