Trivedi Effect can help you Increase Poultry Production

Poultry production is the raising of chickens and other domesticated birds for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. Approximately over a 50 billion chickens are annually raised as a source of food for the people around the globe. Chickens raised from eggs are usually called “layers”, while chickens raised for meat are called “broilers”.


Unfortunately, this poultry production,  which is almost the lifeline of the world population and the backbone of the farming industry is facing several problems like inadequate methods used for higher broiler meat yield; the overall chicken health; and the rising cost of the extra vagant chick feeder.

Trivedi Global Inc. led by Mahendra Trivedi and Alice Branton is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States that is trying to tackle these problems and find lasting solutions that will benefit the poultry industry without leaving behind harmful sideeffects.

One major issue is that the orthodox poultry industry is making use of strong Antibiotics as preventive and therapeutic medicine against diseases and the results of the studies conducted so far have drawn contradictory conclusions wherein the matter remains a controversy as to whether these antibiotics and their by-products are harmful for human consumption; or whether or not the non-usage of Antibiotics promotes bacterial growth which in turn is harmful for human consumption.

Trivedi Global Inc. has an alternative that will provide relief to the poultry industry.

The poultry industry has a mammoth enemy in the guise of “Avian Influenza” and is struggling to find solutions to prevent it from spreading and mutating into a more dangerous form so as to reduce mortality.

Another pressing problem faced by the poultry production is the constitution of the chicken food which is composed of “arsenic”, needless to mention that it is highly toxic to humans. Trivedi Global Inc. has successfully conducted exploratory research experiments in the area of poultry production to address the above issues and to benefit the poultry industry and increase poultry production in the long run

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